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Sunday 22nd Jun, 2014

Single Lens Reflect: Paris / 50mm

I stared into my kit bag and it stared back at me. Lenses, lots of lenses – the eyes of any camera – all silently saying “pick me, pick me.” I closed the bag and had a cup of tea (it’s the English way of solving any dilemma). What should

Wednesday 18th Jun, 2014

Sequences: Where more is more…..(sometimes)

The other night something occurred to me during a long stint of image editing. Maybe it was the just the process itself or the similarity of the content, but I realised that I hadn’t looked at images as part of a sequence for some time. It got me thinking about

Friday 14th Mar, 2014

Caveat Vendor: The Cameras I Should Never Have Sold

MAMIYA 7 I’m sitting in my car and I’m folding over stacks of waxy £10 notes. I feel a little richer and a little poorer all at once. Honestly, I feel a bit sick. The only other car in the rest stop car park is driving away and it‘s got

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I love the contemplative act of photography.

There will always be a desire for the photograph. They are the world, but not the world. We hide or reveal ourselves in their changes of key, their tones, all their subtle arrangements. The fixed image makes us ponder, influences, allows an attempt at understanding. One rectangle at a time.

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