About Me


Studied philosophy, fine art, and writing, periodically at UEA, NSAD, and ARU. Eventually he realised his passion for documentary photography with a special appreciation for the masters of the humanist tradition. He became a professional photographer in 2004. His commercial work includes photography for editorial, educational centres, manufacturers, national retailers, the events and music industries, charities, executive portraiture and a brief, but fun, foray into the world of weddings. His images have been included in both national and regional publications. His current focus is on fine art documentary and the creation of single images and collections. He is available for commissions and works with organisations or individuals on short and long-term projects. He’s an alright kind of a guy.

Photographic Style

While I endeavour to keep my photographic style open to change and influence, there are certain elements that have become a natural extension of the way my eyes see and my mind interprets.

These key elements have been described as minimalist, crisp or uncluttered, muscular, clean and subtle. I’m comfortable with these descriptions and feel they convey the visual character of my work from pure documentary to free expression, the exact to the abstract. The strongest images are often born somewhere between plan and spontaneity – the subconscious spark of visual interest tempered with the conscious application of technique and critical thought. This process of interactive composition should culminate in a harmony amongst intent, content, balance, contrast, tension, light, key, differing planes, colour, timing, and the direction of view.

The beauty of photography is that sometimes this process happens in mere fractions of a second and sometimes over years. I started photography when film was the only option. Since the emergence and refinement of the digital process I have embraced its unique qualities and working methods almost exclusively. Hopefully both methods of capture will continue alongside each other long into the future.