Sunday 22nd Jun, 2014

Single Lens Reflect: Paris / 50mm

I stared into my kit bag and it stared back at me. Lenses, lots of lenses – the eyes of any camera – all silently saying “pick me, pick me.” I closed the bag and had a cup of tea (it’s the English way of solving any dilemma). What should

Wednesday 18th Jun, 2014

Sequences: Where more is more…..(sometimes)

The other night something occurred to me during a long stint of image editing. Maybe it was the just the process itself or the similarity of the content, but I realised that I hadn’t looked at images as part of a sequence for some time. It got me thinking about

Friday 14th Mar, 2014

Caveat Vendor: The Cameras I Should Never Have Sold

MAMIYA 7 I’m sitting in my car and I’m folding over stacks of waxy £10 notes. I feel a little richer and a little poorer all at once. Honestly, I feel a bit sick. The only other car in the rest stop car park is driving away and it‘s got